Another trend in 2017 SS, which charmed me several years ago and I was waiting for this year to create this beauty. For me, this sweater is so charming and enchanting from A to Z in all things that I‘m in love with it from the earth to the moon. I am a woman and I love all colors, all compositions and the whole world. And this sweater includes everything. Absolutely everything: sky and earth,  trees and birds, people, cities, laugh, freedom and creativity. I sink into it and I emerge as a goddess. Each color wraps and gives me best what it has in itself. I am amazing. And everything is perfect in it.

Knitted cardigan and open front sweater by Ruke

Stripes – is a 2017SS trend and it is so strong and clear that today I propose you to have at least one garment like this. This cardigan fulfills all expectations. Long and open cardigan would fit very well with long linen dress, skirt, costume pants or jeans. It would especially look great with shorts and lightweight cotton T-shirt. This is a sweater which includes these features: apparel, accessory and trend. It gives more than just a simple sweater.

Each cardigan has its own individual color combination. Color ratio, width of stripes and placement of colors – are different for every cardigan and at the same time they all remain the same. Therefore, if you buy this sweater together with your friend, you will be different.

Knitted cardigan and open front sweater by Ruke

Fringes - unfinished edges, is another trend, which creates uniqueness, boldness, creativity and freedom.

I admit that only now this beauty appeared in our store, and its units are already disappearing. I don‘t know how many of them are still in stock, but I know that this sweater fits best for spring and amount is decreasing. It is the greatest assessment for me while sweaters are solding out before they occur in our store. Thank you for loving my work !!! THANK YOU!