She told me I knit faster than my shadow

I have a friend who brings yarns to new life. In her hands yarns blossom like flowers in spring and they become so cozy and cute that all you do is just look at them
and ejoy.

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Let's knit the spring

Yarn is patient, even with beginning knitters; Yarn is kind, even to the color-blind.
Yarn does not envy, not even qivuit (the second-most costly fibre); Yarn does not boast, not even vicuna (the most expensive); Yarn is not proud, not even cashmere (the most — period).

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About Rūkė

Meet with Rūkė founders - Neringa and Linas. We are husband and wife and we live in Lihuanian village homestead. Neringa has a fashion designer education and Linas is IT specialist. We have a great passion for creativity especially for knitted products (knitwear). We like everything what is related to it: texture, silhouette, warmth, comfort, cozyness; as well as knitwear doesn't have seasonality we must admit that even from very simple forms it's possible to create especially beautiful silhouettes, designs and fabric slumps.

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The letter

World is so big and together so small. How much people live here and how much dreams do they have? How fast those dreams come true? Ar they big or small? What are those small things that make people happy? What are their thoughts? What are their feelings? Are they happy? Sad? Focused? Do they get letters? Do they write letters?

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Stuart Brazell and her path to success

Stuart Brazell: " in Los Angeles and working in the entertainment industry is one of the most competitive places in the entire world!"

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