The Gang sweater

The Gang sweater is especially soft, cozy and simple piece for every day outfit. Alpaca and merino yarn is very pleasant for touching and knitting. This sweater is so simple and charming that it fits well for wearing at different moments: with denim, skirts, dresses, shorts, both in summer and winter.

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Chess cardigan

Chess cardigan was knitted with yak/silk yarn composition which is very soft and light. This yarn is hand dyed with yellow onion skins and turmeric. Cardigan is semi fitted and has a waist-length. 

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Knitting patterns

My knitting instructions are: 20% very simple and with clear text,  to quickly and easily achieve the desired result. And of course... 80% of inspiring images that urges me to act, to go further and achieve the desired result, which inspires me to create, fantasize and plan my next knitting projects. Photos, which are full of warmth, comfort and elegance fragile. YES! I like it very much! After all not for a reason is often said: "Genius is found in simplicity."

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