Connecting the dots

Today I want to tell you a story from my life. This story gave me a completely new perspective of Great Britain, which was new and unexpected. At the same time, as an adventure of a single day, it turned my life upside down. A trip that had so many questions and just a single answer...

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2017 SS trend: fringes and stripes

Another trend in 2017 SS, which charmed me several years ago and I was waiting for this year to create this beauty. For me, this sweater is so charming and enchanting from A to Z in all things that I‘m in love with it from the earth to the moon. I am a woman and I love all colors, all compositions and the whole world. And this sweater includes everything. Absolutely everything: sky and earth,  trees and birds, people, cities, laugh, freedom and creativity. I sink into it and I emerge as a goddess. Each color wraps and gives me best what it has in itself. I am amazing. And everything is perfect in it.

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Feminine freedom 2017 S/S

Today, I declare a spring for my wardrobe - the best time to start planning warm season clothing. A time to emit pure love and energy into the environment to get more of it back. And for this purpose pink color will fit best to me, which is the 2017 SS  trend and which is in my heart.

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Who manufactures Rūkė’s clothing?

To be honest – I am no different from any clothing designer – in the begging, we all make our ideas physically come to life. We all draw sketches and handwriting patterns, lichen fabrics, sew, knit and embroider. And there is nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, I consider it a virtue. To have the opportunity to go through all of this, because this can truly teach the creation of art. To feel the variety of fabrics:  diversity of compositions, thicknesses,  to different treatments or the uses in manufacturing. I think that every true designer must have an understanding of fabrics and materials. Knowledge without practice is like a flower without water.

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Rūkė. Beginning. Or: why you shouldn’t “weed” my tomatoes

I have one little hobby that relaxes me and makes me spread my wings: that is my garden. I love planting, sowing, weeding, and maintaining it in every other way possible. Watching tomatoes ripen, cucumbers and dill grow green, watching trees and shrubs bloom and later grow berries and fruit. I love all of this and that is why I do not live in the big city – I just would not know what to do in that concrete jungle.

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